Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Great Debate Fizzels..

Well, I think the Ecumenical Movement has been set back a few decades..I Hope! This has been a small scale model of the problem Israel faces today. Three major religions all claiming rights to the same turf, but all three can't be all right either one of them is or none of them is. I was only giving Jewish readers a reason for the hope which is within me as I am told to do, they thought I was trying to win converts (but I would like see More Christians walk worthy of the profession of faith) The problem is We love their Holy Books but they hate ours. They say nothing in the New Testament can be true, if so, Israel is doomed since the NT says it will be saved, and they will have no one ruling from Jerusalem with a rod of iron, because that is promised in the New Testament, too. A Jewish state also goes against the Muslim ideas of supremacy, so we have all three religions all claiming to be right. It will ultimately come down to the Almighty making His move to show everyone who is right! Wars have not settled it, arguments have not, we can't agree on Scriptures, what is left? Let the G-d who splits the Mount of Olives be G-d! We are living in a Great Time. Little children, keep yourselves from idols.

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