Monday, November 29, 2010

The great debate

Blogger billbillt said...
You do not get it. As Jews we do not "fear" Jesus or the Xtian bible. They are not even part of or culture or lives. I have never even opened an Xtian bible and have zero interest in what could be written there. What is written there could not be true anyway.

Blogger Mr Dovie said...

billbillt, Thanks for proving my point. I take the entire Bible literally, I was told I make a "paper pope" out of the Torah, Tanach and, yes, New Testament, but so be it. We "Xtians" blew it by not paying more attention to what Jewish people believe, if we had we would have never bought the lie that Jews need Xtian blood to celebrate passover, at the same time the new Jewish "cult" of Xtianity was set adrift in a heathen Roman culture by its Jewish founders and it soon was predictably corrupted until it got to where we find it today. There are lots of "Xtians" who never open the bible either. I don't read the Talmud either, because I feel it is only opinion. I guess we are all prejudiced one way or another. But Jewish culture will always be part of my culture, not secular Jewish culture, but the biblical one. We are told to abstain from blood and things strangled or offered to idols, but I don't hear any of that preached. If you convert to Xtian, your parents will bury your cloths, If a Muslim converts, they bury him. I am closer to you than I am to the pope. You have not offended me, because I try to understand where you are coming from. The cartoon was great!

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